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26th April 2012

North Wales and Borders Waterway Spring User Forum

Following the recent British Waterways Spring User Forum on 26th April 2012, the following responses have been received on questions submitted on the River Weaver Navigation.

Lock Opening Times.

Will Dutton, Saltersford, Hunts & Vale Royal locks all be open 'normal Weaver' times? When do the weekend opening start as there is no information on the Waterscape site and to my knowledge no specific information sent out?

Lock opening times have been sent out to one and all and have been posted on waterscape and placed in noticeboards.

River Weaver - Marsh Lock. 

Any progress since last October?

Minimal progress on Marsh lock with the major works team still - another dive survey and site inspection due 19th April 2012 .

Sutton Weaver Bridge.

Any progress on Central Government funding?

Since the last User Group BW Senior management have held a number of meetings with Cheshire West & Chester Council, Central Government department and the Local MP to discuss the funding of the works to the Sutton Weaver Swing Bridge. We will continue to maintain these discussions as a matter of priority for BW.

Frodsham Old Arm.

Any possibility that the new BW crane/gab could be used to clear the entrance and the contaminated silt returned to its origin for them to dispose of?

It will not be possible for our own refurbished craft to complete the clearance required at Frodsham Arm, this work will require extensive works to remove the material from the Navigation completely. There is a full hydrographic survey planned on the Weaver in ).

Dutton and Saltersford Locks.

Are all the paddles and gates in working order. Any further signs of movement in Saltersford lock walls over that detected some years ago?

We continue to monitor the ground conditions at Saltersford Lock where we can confirm there is no further movement in the structure itself. With regard to the working mechanisms at both Saltersford and Dutton I it is fair to say that we will continue to have. problems from time to time with these old structures as they do require a major overhaul I am quite sure. However, I can also say that at this moment in time they are working as required and not a causing us any difficulties at this present.

Acton Bridge Visitor Moorings.

Are the time limits now in place?

48 hour time limits are now in place on all moorings across the Weaver we will monitor the situation over the coming summer to establish if there are any improvements to the availability of the moorings.

Northwich Development.

Is the project still on target in terms of the dates indicated at previous meetings called to discuss matters?

A planning application has been submitted to CW and C and we hope to have a decision before the end of June, with a proposed start date on site in the Autumn. We carried out a public consultation in November with over 700 responses/visitors with an overwhelming positive response to our proposals. We have also received a number of submissions for the operation of the moorings and dry dock and we are currently undertaking an analysis of the proposals from the operators.

Northwich Visitor Moorings.

Any progress on implementing time limits and considering providing additional mooring space in the close area?

As stated above there are now time limits across all moorings on the Weaver, with regard to the use of the water space by the old marina site there will not be an opportunity for craft to use this space for moorings as the whole site is part of the planned marina development.

Vale Royal Visitor Moorings.

As BW has said that the new path is not a cycleway, in the interest of safety will measures be taken to prevent inconsiderate people cycling at speed through the site which poses a danger to others? Has anything been done to clean away the spoil dumped during the construction of the path and re-instate the site. It may be a project for volunteers to extend the available site by scrub clearance at some point but it must be the duty of those responsible for the mess to clear it.

Having recently walked through the length from New Bridge to Northwich I can confirm the following:

• There are number of locations where some shrubs and old sections of hedges have had the root ball cut through to enable the new towpath surface to be laid, subsequently these sections have fallen over and now require removal. The waterway team will action these works over the next few weeks.

• In some locations there is evidence that the contracts have removed some spoil from the towpath surface and banked that up to the rear of the towpath itself. In the areas where this has occurred I do not see it posing any problem to the safe operation of the waterway nor are there any valid environmental reasons for it to be removed. In time this material will have grassed over and therefore it will blend in quite naturally.

• With regard to the visitor moorings above Vale Royal I can confirm there is something in the region of 250 mts of cleared and accessible moorings in the area opposite the upper sluices. The ground is perfectly level and suitable for use as a mooring and would not recommend any further works in that area at the present time.

• The issue of speeding cyclists may well become a potential problem but I have no evidence to confirm it has yet become an issue on this length of waterway. I do agree we may wish to add additional signs and may be rumble strips at each side of the moorings in an attempt to reduce the potential of a future incident.


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